Here is a list to start with, what days and positions are you willing to commit to?

During 10 day Camp July 30- August 8:

Kitchen & Dinning Hall:

-Head cook

-Cooks helpers (food prep, etc.)

-Kitchen cleaners & chapel/dinning hall cleaners

   -floors (swept & washed)

   -surfaces washed & wiped regularly (tables, door knobs, etc.)

-Garbage removal, peelings hauled out

-Food servers

-Dish washers

On Grounds:

   -garbage pick-up

   -make sure fires are not left unattended and quads & bikes ride on roadways only


   – Head cleaner & helpers

   -Keep washrooms clean: all surfaces (sinks, counters, tables, toilets, showers, taps, doors, floors)


   -Head worker & helpers

   -Cleaning all surfaces inside and outside (serving counters, windows, tables, door knobs, etc.)

To Get Ready for camp:

Work bee can be arranged for any time that you can come, just call Ron: 306-862-7558 (Perhaps you could put together a team who could work together. Many hands make light work!)

-clean up campground & around all buildings

-clean cabins

-put up big tent

-cut and trim grass

-tighten screws on roofs & caulk: washroom, kitchen, old generator building

-work on channel

-remove driftwood from marina

-sleep shelters (painted or sided outside, put proper roof supports on, brickmold on windows & doors, paint or oil inside)

-sort & organize building materials in a shed

We have other jobs that are also important – for example: levelling floors on cabin 3 & 4 (cabin 4 needs to get a footing poured & pony wall build on it, to do this things have to be cleaned up under the cabin and trees removed around the cabin, when the floor is level we need to install subflooring and lay vinyl flooring)

The response we receive by June 19 will determine whether we are able to proceed with the usual 10 day family camp this year or not.

Please prayerfully consider where God would have you help out.

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