Dear Friends,

We are living in troublesome times, but praise be to Jesus, we can still live victoriously as children of the King! I Timothy 1:7 tells us

“For God hath not given us the spirit of fear, but of power, and of love, and of a sound mind.”

It has been very difficult to plan for the coming camping season, with all the turmoil and fear that is associated with the Covid-19 pandemic. We have been faithful in our mission to go ahead planning regularly scheduled camp functions. The brochures have been printed.  Some have been distributed, and more should be going out in the mail in the very near future. Our speakers have been booked for some time, prior to the arrival of the Covid-19 virus. Due to the present states of emergency, along with all the restrictions on the number of people allowed to gather and social distancing, we are obligated to cancel the May Family Fellowship Weekend. Please watch your email and check the website ( for announcements!

Unfortunately, even though events have to be postponed or cancelled, most operating expenses do not take a break! The need for ongoing income is now more vital than ever.  We want to sincerely thank all who have continued in support of this camp, through your faithfulness and sacrifice this ministry is able to continue.

Our Annual Fundraiser Banquet had to be postponed.  We had been counting on raising funds to be able to insulate the Chapel/Dining Hall and still plan on going ahead, as funds come available.

After much research and time in prayer, we feel that spray foam insulation is by far the best route to take. This requires very specialized equipment and training for the individual who is doing the application. God has blessed us with someone who is a certified applicator willing to do the job for us! Praise God! We have been able to procure some of the equipment necessary for this task.  We are needing to purchase the equipment to do the spraying of the foam. By purchasing our own equipment and doing the work, we will save more than the cost of the equipment, on just the one building. We will still have the equipment for future use on cabins, etc.

A company that supplies spray foam and equipment is sympathetic to our project they will give us a very good price on a refurbished system! Again, praise be to God for this! Now this is where you can really help us out. Approximately $22,800.00 is required for the application equipment and associated cleaning and lubricating agents, etc. We do not have this amount of money. Wilderness Ministries Inc operates on a policy of no debt. We have the funds to purchase the spray foam chemical to do the job.  We have a volunteer certified applicator; some of the peripheral equipment needed (high capacity air compressor, scissor lift, etc.). But we require the funds to purchase the spray foam equipment.

Please pray with us in regards to this need. Please ask the Lord what He would have you do to help the Wilderness Ministries Bible Camp in this regard.

Gifts can be sent by Electronic Funds Transfer, by Pre Authorized Debit, by Bill Payment option through your bank as well as by Cheque or Money Order through the mail. For electronic transfers, etc. contact: [email protected] or by telephone at (306)862-6976 for details. For mail in gifts, please send to: Wilderness Ministries Inc  P. O. Box 1258  Nipawin, Saskatchewan S0E 1E0

Official Receipts for Income Tax purposes for your gifts will issued at the end of the year.

Again, on behalf of the Board of Directors of Wilderness Ministries Inc and the Staff at the camp, we thank you for your prayerful consideration of this need. May God bless you abundantly as we serve Him together!

Ron Krieg

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