Greeting from your friends at Wilderness Ministries Bible Camp,  I trust that this finds everyone well.

Just as I’m sure most of you have been watching the news regarding the Covid-19 virus, we have been keeping a close eye on it as well. The latest notice that we have received is that the government is now recommending that groups of more than 50 people have been highly discouraged. And seniors are recommended to stay in voluntary quarantine as they are susceptible to more serious symptoms if they should contract the virus.

 As a result, we at Wilderness have chosen to postpone our Annual Fundraiser Banquet until such time that this virus is under control. When that time comes, we will be in contact with you with a new date.

 We do ask that you would continue to remember us and pray for us as the fundraiser was a key to continuing the work here at the camp. If you would consider sending a special offering to the camp at this time,  that would be greatly appreciated.

We also ask that you continue to pray for this world situation to come to a swift end so it does not affect our Spring May Camp.

 If you have any questions, just drop us a line and we’ll try to answer them.

In His care,

Bruce Kashuba

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