This web page is associated with Wilderness Ministries, and all that its vision entails.

Wilderness Ministries Inc is instrumental in spreading the Gospel through missions and missionary assistance, Gospel music concerts, radio and television ministry, evangelism, Christian Camping, and other compatible means.

Wilderness Ministries Inc operates in faith, believing God to meet every need, yet realizing that God uses people in various ways to meet those needs.  By making the facilities available for ministry purposes on an offering basis, it is affordable to all, because often those who need it the most can afford it the least.  While operating on a basis of offerings of money, material and manpower, the donor can in many cases receive an Official Receipt for Income Tax purposes for their gift.  Official receipts can not be issued for manpower or rent.

Wilderness Ministries Inc, through the establishment of the Wilderness Ministries Bible Camp, is actively involved in Christian camping and associated ministry.  The camp is used as a retreat centre for Pastors, Missionaries, Evangelists, and others involved in the work of spreading the Gospel.  This is a place where people can come and rest, relax, study, pray, sleep, fish, or whatever, and not have to worry about the cost.  Families can also come and have holiday in a Christian atmosphere.  Families can come and be ministered to at camp meetings structured towards family values.  This facility, though rustic in appearance, is very comfortable, with modern conveniences.  The Wilderness Ministries Bible Camp is available twelve months of the year, and it is available to other Christian groups, from time to time, so that the facility can be well utilized.  The Wilderness Ministries Bible Camp is located along the north shore of Tobin Lake near Nipawin, Saskatchewan.

CIOT the Lighthouse (104.1 fm), Saskatchewan’s first full power Gospel radio station, is a division of Wilderness Ministries Inc, and is located at Nipawin, Saskatchewan.

Canada’s Double Portion is also a division of Wilderness Ministries Inc. They travel across Canada and the United States spreading the Gospel of Jesus Christ by way of some of the best Gospel Music you will ever hear.

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